Training advice

Training guidance and organisation for companies

Giving training as well as receiving training are the key to a dynamic and sustainable business operation. Developing crucial knowledge and skills and keeping them available within the organisation saves a lot of costs and increases results and satisfaction.

In a time when efficiency, profit, figures and KPIs are hitting you, more and more employees are dropping out. They go looking for a 'new challenge' or - much worse - end up mentally broken.

Meaning is crucial to keep them on board active, dynamic and involved: why and how do I do my job? How do I create added value being the person I am, using my passion and talent at the service of my colleagues?

Training plays a role in this, and is an essential, yet for many companies difficult choice. And what would work better than seeing passionate and talented teachers and coaches at work?!

With the topic Training advice, AUTHENTICAL wants to offer a supportive and facilitative network to projects that focus on strengthening the commitment of employees within companies and organisations. This topic concentrates mainly on projects that are participative and assist managers in developing bottom-up training strategies that leverage training to promote group formation, make jobs more meaningful and really work towards the relevance of training for the workplace. 

AUTHENTICAL supports the following project...

          - Optimal Impacta training approach where the teacher gives training as a coach of a learning process, linked to personal growth.

... and we have room for more!