Who - Thomas Van Waeyenberge, co-promoter of Authentical. Long-term vision on learning to live together in a sustainable manner. I have been fascinated by the real long-term for years; i.e. what our world will look like within three generations.

Why - I believe in new ways of cooperation. And I believe in people who bring people together. And sometimes you just have to jump. This is what we do now.

How we met - I met Bert first, one of the core team members, when at home we decided to plant a few hundred trees. Decided to organise a crowdfunding; this went up in smoke due to the Corona epidemic. Decided to push the start through. So I came aboard. 

What I do I am busy with the rollout, the stabilisation and development of Authentical. I am not a member of the operational team (yet), however, I help in the background and I focus on networking and promotion.

Who - Ludo Heselmans, program manager at IBM, father of Thomas Heselmans.

Why - the approach: calm, motivating through own enthusiasm and passion, but especially: a different way of looking at matters and problems. 

How we met - when Bert started tutoring my son Thomas after a recommendation by Jules. My son had problems with his back in the last year of secondary school, what led to an operation. Mathematics: help! We were directed to a suprisingly young Bert, who got to the point already on the first meeting: direct your efforts and activate motivation towards your goal. A systematic and focused approach. Statistics, previously a nightmare, became a piece of cake. Thomas's approach to studying also changed fundamentally and permanently, and this is still visible today in his professional life. Bert moved, so we drove from Diest to Herne to continue the study counselling. 3,5 hours of drive, back and forth, on Saturdays: yet we never did it against our will, my wife and me. Bert also knew how to give Thomas the confidence he needed for his exams. This effort and approach contributed to a great deal to Thomas getting his Master's degree and becoming who he is today.

What I do - I fully support Authentical. Let them reach and help as many people as possible. It changes a life, it changes a world!