group creation and vision formation

You have a team when people truly and positively connect with each other. When it is clear what the added value of everybody is, when people receive space to contribute and appreciation afterwards.

However, weak points also have to be clear, accepted and taken care of by the group!

When experience is pointed out and given a place, creativity and leadership get space and new ideas are heard. Top teams move mountains and change the world (in your organisation!)

With the theme of team building, AUTHENTICAL wants to offer support to projects that aim to create team spirit on the basis of validating the potential of each individual within the group. Essential values ​​are: respect for everyone, openness, vulnerability, active and empathic listening, which are the common thread throughout the team building activities. There are no weaknesses, only strengths. If we know each other's talents, they can also be optimally used within the group to achieve collective goals. The driving force behind this is the intrinsic motivation of everyone to contribute to the whole, based on their own passion and with their own talents. 

AUTHENTICAL supports the following project...

          - Same team, different people:  employees challenged in nature where they are empowered by recognizing and validating their talents. An experience that automatically leads to group formation and vision thinking.

... we have room for more!