inspiring stories

Stories can often convey a complex and essential message better, softer, more subtly and more constructively than quick slogans, dry science or trendy videos.

Stories provide an inexhaustible source of strength to do better today than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

Stories can bring happiness and positivity tangibly close and provide insight into the essence of our existence.

With topic Stories, AUTHENTICAL wants to offer space to storytellers, writers and illustrators. The author / illustrator determines the format, the content, the style. AUTHENTICAL wants to act as a platform, publisher and promoter for their works. The writer retains his / her authentic manuscript: we do not change that. Nevertheless, we examine every work against our values as a matter of course. 

AUTHENTICAL supports the following project...

- An online blog (see underneath) about life "today" with focus on a positive and more sustainable "tomorrow"

... and we have room for more!

Don't you find it strange that we invest so much time and money in our homes and gardens, but every time we have vacation we are eager to go away? Why don't we enjoy what we have created?

It seems a crisis makes leaders and heroes. People look for support in strong figures, in people who "don't let things fall" when the whole society is trembling on its foundations ...

An important Corona-measure is to keep sufficient distance. Viruses like close contact. And they couldn't care less about how we feel about it.

Homeschooling. Home office. Stay in, stay healthy. We didn't see it coming. If someone had told me two months ago that the borders would be closed, we could only buy groceries and medicine and we could get a fine for walking in a group through the town, I would have declared them out of their mind. Yet here we are....