Same team, different people

The aim of our team building is to make everyone's potential fully visible, to showcase their talents, to share passions ... to allow all these qualities to flow together optimally within a team, thus enabling everyone to participate as part of the team, based on their intrinsic motivation and personal passion. 

"Teamwork is the secret that makes ordinary people achieve extraordinary results"

To arrive at the same team with different people, we work in depth. No superficial activities, which are fun, but have no lasting impact. We start from the mission-vision-values ​​of the organization, or ... we work them out completely, during team building! A mission issued by the entire team will be carried out from a natural commitment. We start from authenticity, we expose ourselves, ask confrontational questions, hold up a mirror, give feedback ...

The better we get to know each other, the easier it becomes to really understand each other and to take the other one into account. We connect with each other, but we deconnect with the familiar working environment. We don't want walls, distractions, excuses. We go into nature to have a fresh mind, release all brakes, walk off the beaten track and stimulate the thinking process. 

The content of the team building is compiled in mutual consultation. For this purpose, an in-depth intake interview is conducted in advance in order to be able to clearly identify the needs and requirements and to work out the action plan. The quality of the input during the intake interview will help determine the extent of the lasting impact.

In addition to the inter-relational part, a team building can also include an active part on tasty and healthy food (whether or not supported by the various projects within the topic of fresh), games and experiences in nature, or workshops on learning by playing (cooking on fire, making fire, old techniques of living and surviving, making constructions with ropes and knots, spending the night in the forest, ...).

Interested? Would you like more information? Do not hesitate to contact us!

We work according to your requests and needs. The activities will always take place outside in nature. We develop activities at the level of the participants. These can be basic skills from outdoor living to extreme survival activities. However, the activity itself is only a means; group formation and vision thinking the goal.