Self-picking garden: crowdfunding

Dank aan Geert en Ruth uit Galmaarden voor de sponsoring en het uitkijken naar de eerste groenten - - - Cécile uit Dworp voor de gift en betrokkenheid - - - Bert uit Zarlardinge voor de stille maar geapprecieerde gift - - - Zitterthoeve voor de sponsoring en bekendmaking! - - - Welkom Tine uit Herne. Bedankt voor de sponsoring! Een extra portie serregroenten voor jou ;-) - - - Alex en Viviane uit Herne-centrum sponsoren mee. Dank jullie wel! We voorzien alvast voldoende boontjes ;-) - - - Patrick & Griet uit Vollezele (GALMAARDEN) sponsoren mee. Zij zijn voorlopig onze hoofdsponsors ;). Dank jullie wel! - - - Cathy Szafranski (Flietermolen- heerlijke biobloem!) uit Galmaarden heeft ook gestort: dank je wel! - - - Alwin uit Oetingen (GOOIK) is onze eerste sponsor. Dank je wel, Alwin! We voorzien extra spruitjes ;-)

Good news: the crowdfunding already yielded enough to pay for the complete planting of standard trees and small fruit in Herne self-picking garden.We are still looking for investment resources for:

° further design of Herne self-picking garden with a fence, stake poles for the fruit, a roof for the customer (so you ;-), greenhouses and a pond (for water herbs, among others)

° starting up the layout of Oetingen self-picking garden with the planting of fruit trees and berries, stake poles for the fruit, fencing for the animals, greenhouses, a large pond for the animals and the preparation of the large relaxation and meeting place.

We are very grateful for every gift, regardless its size! 

From certain threshold amounts you will also receive a gesture from us, as a tangible appreciation. The benefits are valid in Herne as well as in Oetingen upon presentation of the registered membership card.

Our generous donors have so far given an average of 119 euros per gift.

How can you participate in the crowdfunding and this way help yourself and society to what is fresh, local and healthy? 


You choose the amount for which you want to support us. From a certain threshold amount, you will receive the following gesture in return (these benefits are cumulated!): 

50 €

You will be among the first to be informed about our product range, opening hours and promotions. So more choice and the best products for you!

You will receive a 5% discount for one year, from your first purchase date.

100 €

You can participate for free in two workshops or training courses on gardening, vegetables, fruit, trees.

200 €

You get one pumpkin of your choice (and we can even carve your name on it!).

You will receive two vouchers for fruit and vegetables of your choice worth 2 x 25 €.

500 €

You can give one of our trees a name of your choice.

During one year, we look after one plot (4.5 m²) for you with vegetables of your choice!

1000 €We will talk to you to discuss exclusive benefits tailored to you!


You deposit your amount of your choice into the account under the name of Authentical Fresh in Herne:

Argenta BE72 9733 7251 7016

Please state your full name or family name very clearly in the communication. This description will appear on your membership card for both self-picking gardens.


You provide us with your details and preferences, using the following form. This way you can be among the first to be informed about our opening hours, ripe vegetables and fruits, and all activities (this for members from a 50-euro gift).

We communicate via email, whatsapp and a private facebook group. 

Also let us know your preferences: what do you like eating? We prefer to direct our production and love for the trade to what you need most! 


We will send you a confirmation message once we have received the payment and provide you with all the benefits associated with the amount you have chosen. Welcome, from now on as a first-line customer ;-)!

We have been supported by people from the following interesting initiatives: