Herne self-picking garden 

Where can you find us?

Via the unloading road past the house at the Rendries, number 13 in Herne. 

At 7 minutes walking distance from Herne station (parking!) and 12 minutes walking from sports hall 'Hernekouter' (parking!).

There is (almost) no parking space in the Rendries. We encourage you to come to the self-picking garden by bike or on foot.

Floorplan of the Herne self-picking garden

Herne self-picking garden code of conduct

Herne self-picking garden is located on a private plot of land. The garden may only be entered during opening hours, unless explicitly agreed otherwise with farmer Mike and farmer Bert.

Would you like to taste before buying? Feel free to ask farmer Mike or farmer Bert! Consuming crops on the spot without paying in advance or without permission from farmer Mike and/or farmer Bert is not permitted and is considered theft. On this basis, access to the lot can be refused, either temporarily or permanently, regardless of any participation in the crowdfunding.

- Herne self-picking garden is a gem, an oasis, a dream garden, a piece of paradise. This is only possible if there is respect for the planning, there is no walking on the plots, only on the paths, no litter is left, no loud music is played, and everyone is respected as a person (some want to talk, some only be left alone: that is possible and that is allowed).

All feedback is welcome! But we give it politely, we speak in our own name and with respect to the others.