Overview of our Corona-initiatives

Corona / COVID19 interferes with our daily life. Measures to limit its spreading are slowing our society. We have more time to think. Or less, if we work in the healthcare sector, transport goods or serve as shop assistants. 

No-one is spared. Uncertainty? Fear? Questions? It's in the air!

AUTHENTICAL wants to lend a helping hand! 


What to do with my children now that the curriculum is delayed; and maybe it was not going well before either? How can I use this time best as an opportunity for the growth of my child(ren)? With its project "LearningHelp!", AUTHENTICAL wants to give a listening ear for free to parents who have questions. 

My Own Paradise

Empty store shelves, food that goes around the world, but nothing is as tasty and healthy as home-grown food, without chemicals and local, in your own garden ... Do you find that this takes a lot of time? Not necessarily, after all, there are systems where you primarily let nature do the work. AUTHENTICAL supports the project "My Own Paradise", where you start your own vegetable garden at home under the guidance of professionals.

A blog that inspires 

Nothing is better against fear than positive and authentic news! There is so much good moving in our society and a lot of people are also getting down to work in that direction. Be inspired and heartened by reading the AUTHENTICAL free blog at the bottom of the Stories topic page. Do you have an inspiring story yourself? Let us know! We provide translation! 

Expression that connects and enlivens

Uncertainty can have a very negative effect on a person. And of course, loneliness through "social distancing" does not help us to feel good. AUTHENTICAL wants to connect people by giving positive creative expression space on her topic page art. You will find links to videos and images that show beauty, give peace or on the contrary: trigger action, make you smile and laugh and inspire you to appreciate the special things of the everyday life. Are you a creative expressionist yourself, and would you like to share this and give people support and hope? Let us know