My Own Paradise

The empty store shelves made us think about our food a bit more than usual. Food security isn't always a given, is it? In the meantime, it has also become clear that a lot of food goes around the world, including what we can grow here ourselves (and better). And that food production has a major impact on the environment, nature, health, taste and even on the landscape! 

But you yourself can also make a lot of tasty goods grow and flourish. Do you find that it all takes a lot of time? Not necessarily, after all, there are systems where you primarily let nature do the work. 

No idea how to start? 

Receive advice from an expert! From someone who was born and raised in a vegetable garden, as it were! 

We provide an extensive survey in advance (to keep everything Corona-proof ;-) where we get an overview of the environmental factors that determine your own produce (soil, microclimate, ...). Together we point out the best location. In the meantime, you think about the vegetables / fruit you want to start with and what your end goal is.

Once you have a clear idea, we will start the vegetable garden at your home. This is possible at any time of the year, but spring does of course offer many more opportunities to effectively grow numerous vegetables and some fruits the same year. During the planting, we provide the necessary explanations for everything we do, so that later you can manage alone. We give tips to keep the vegetable garden low-maintenance.

If you sign up during the Corona period, you will receive free access to digital guiding newsletter and advice for the next 2 years. This newsletter helps you make choices, indicates when and how best to plant / sow certain vegetables, and when and how to prune (small) fruit. 

We are equipped with mouth masks when planting your vegetable garden and we strictly adhere to the distance rules according to the Corona guidelines imposed by the government. 

A vegetable garden does not have to be large either: you can already produce quite a lot of food in a few square meters. And there are also plenty of options in case you wish to start big! 

For the start-up, a fixed basic amount is charged (€ 242.00) and an additional amount of € 24.20 / m² (from 20 m², this becomes € 14.52 per additional m²). VAT and all materials included, including seeds and seedlings. Transport is additionally charged if you live more than 20 km from Herne / Enghien (0.605 € / m² incl VAT).

Interested? Fill in our contact form and you will hear from us soon! 

No place for an open ground vegetable garden?

No worries! You can just as well grow fresh vegetables and herbs in a grow box or a large pot! 

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