We live in quite strange and unusual times. For (single) parents there is also a special care for the children: providing home education and a keeping them busy in a meaningful way. Next to this maybe you are working from home in the meantime, and you will definitely need extra time to do your shopping, cook and tackle other household chores. 

AUTHENTICAL has a topic that is entirely dedicated to young people and their personal growth and learning process: Learning & Coaching. In order to be able to offer a helping hand during this Corona period, we want to we want to offer a free intake interview to listen to your concerns as a parent and have a conversation with your child, teenager or young adult.

The first interview is definitely free and can already provide tips to get started. If further professional guidance proves necessary and desirable, further agreements will be made.

Via the Guido to Growth project, your child will be assigned a supervising coach who will start and coordinate the guidance. A wide team of experienced mentors is approached where necessary. This may concern professional guidance, aimed at general study skills (summarizing, schematizing, planning), but it can also focus on strengthening motivation, self-awareness and concentration.

This is how it works: 

          - You provide your details via the contact form below.

          - You describe your concerns as a parent the best you can.

          - You share a number of options when we can contact you.

          - You indicate how we can best contact you (telephone, Skype, ZOOM).

          - We schedule the interview and will contact you for a free conversation without obligation.

Do not hesitate to involve your child, who may also have questions. Young people and young adults may of course also contact us directly! 

Within AUTHENTICAL, several people and projects are active in (study) counselling, study and life coaching and subject-specific tutoring. If further (paying) professional guidance is necessary and required by you, this can already be started, even remotely if needed.