beloved domestic animals and more

Pets are not toys. Cute as they can be, they are also fragile, they deserve to be respected in their individuality. Cherish them, but don't choke them with your love.

They need space, appropriate diversity, proper care, safe and healthy fodder.

It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to give small pets a good and happy life, and to fit them in a human family in an animal-friendly way!

With the topic Pets, AUTHENTICAL wants to offer a supportive and connecting platform to those who want to actively offer solutions for a sustainable and animal-respectful handling of small pets. Both animal-friendly handling of these pets and the provision of sustainable, responsible and animal-specific support are central to these projects. 

AUTHENTICAL supports the following project ...

          - Lapinoa young 13-year-old entrepreneur, Andreas, who wants the best for chinchillas, dwarf rabbits and                                                     guinea pigs

... and there is room for more