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Press release "Opening of Herne self-picking garden"

Herne, 12th May 2020

The Herne self-picking garden will open its doors on Sunday 7th June 2020. It will be an open-air supermarket with fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers. The self-picking garden is still in full development and growth, at the pace of nature itself, but farmer Mike and farmer Bert want to take time to explain the operation, share their passion and motives and explicitly thank their sponsors by personally delivering them a benefit card.

To ensure a safe visit to the self-picking garden during these Corona times, all those interested are asked to register in advance (via A time slot is then allocated within which a limited group of people can go 'shopping' and receive an explanation about how such an 'open-air shop' works. In addition, an appointment is made at Herne station, where a brief explanation is given. Then visitors are guided to the plot on foot, which takes about 5 minutes. Everyone is explicitly requested to wear a face mask.

The story of the self-picking garden goes back a while. On their web page - - farmer Mike and farmer Bert show that the project grew from their shared vegetable garden passion and the desire to realize it on a larger scale. And although Herne self-picking garden has only just started up, Oetingen self-picking garden is already on the way!

You don't just start such a picking garden, there is quite some work necessary. And every step makes the plot more beautiful and paradisiacal, but every step also costs money. To pay for these investments, the duo started crowdfunding some time ago ( Many kind donors have already contributed and can now admire the first results themselves. As gratitude, farmer Mike and farmer Bert always put them first, and as a token of appreciation, they receive a personal benefit card.

The self-picking garden wants to be a place of relaxation, with pure flavours, tranquility, meeting (in complete safety), nature, food and splendor. The self-picking garden wants to genuinely seek out and reconnect with the basics of agriculture: producing tasty and healthy food for the local community. Farmer Mike and Farmer Bert do this by talking to their sponsors and the people in the area. At the same time, they do not shy away from the advantages of the new technologies, and communicate via WhatsApp and Facebook, but also via digital tools in the field, so that you can summon background information, harvest info and fun facts on your own smartphone.

The self-picking gardens Herne and Oetingen are supported by Authentical ( The Authentical team ( is responsible for the practical and organizational support of the opening of the Pluktuin Herne. On 7 June you can also get acquainted with other Authentical projects that are linked to the Herne self-picking garden.

You can access more information using the links in the text.

Additional information and photos are available on request via the Authentical spokesperson (Bert GEYSELS): 0468 295 294 or

Press release for launching Authentical

Flemish Brabant, 14th April 2020

Through the publishing of their website Authentical launches itself as a new social enterprise initiative. And that in full Corona time! Not because the initiators suddenly have more time on their hands, on the contrary, but because what they have been doing for months has now clearly emerged in society: living with passion and talent with the desire to have a maximum positive impact on the current and future society.

What do you do when you notice that the undercurrent in society is going in a completely different direction than our current structures, customs and daily aspirations tell us? Some people stand by and watch, others do not (yet) want to see it, but there are also those who cannot remain inactive and get started. No empty promises, but action!

Authentical supports starting and existing entrepreneurs and organisations who want to fully go for their authentic passion and talents. The guidance is tailored to the needs of the projects: networking, specific practical support, communication, personal coaching, help to form the company profile, ...: the people of Authentical get to work as if it were their own personal company!

And the results are already there: numerous projects start up or get a boost within the nine operational topics of Authentical. These are fresh and local food, learning support and coaching, children's camps, pets, company training, travel, art, team building and stories. And there is room for even more positive, authentic and sustainable topics and projects. In addition, there are special initiatives for this Corona time, bundled under

Authentical was created as a click between the three initiators Bert, Jules and Geert. They decided to look for authenticity, genuineness, today's life and times. Also, how you can organise your life based on these values. Authenticity has an impact, a great positive contribution to our society today, but at the same time it also offers solutions to the (large and complex) needs of today and tomorrow. Simple small puzzle pieces in a large and complex world. And the decision was made quickly: only if you can make this your job you can generate maximum impact. And that is what the core team is now realising: the start-up of its own company, a support fund and the start-up of projects that allow others to make their passion their profession.

In the meantime, Ildikó jumped on board with the core team, and support from Thomas came within the broader policy framework of Authentical. The who-is-who of Authentical can be found extensively via and

Authentical works locally within a global context. We do so on one hand due to the awareness that the globalised world is a fact and that many complex problems need to be tackled globally, but on the other hand understanding that people need simplicity, overview, local recognition and tangible connection. That is why Authentical is also very committed to connecting: supporting connecting projects but also connecting the projects themselves. And that works, it works very well, and that is fascinating, stimulating, result-improving and beneficial!

There's no stopping us now! ;-)


You can find more information over Authentical and also reach us at:

0468 295 294 (spokesman Bert Geysels)

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