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Do you also have a clear passion, something you shine in, are you a busy bee, do you start things but you don't succeed in creating something complete, something with strength, clarity and impact? Are you (still) not making enough progress? Or do you just want to be part of a network full of inspiration, energy, positivism and eagerness to act? Tell a story that the whole world can and must hear?

People essentially strive for a positive and lasting impact on their environment. 

Each era has its own needs and worries, every life has ups and downs. But the time we live in today and tomorrow has extraordinary features. The world has become one village, but without a mayor and a council. We can connect en masse with people who think like ourselves, yet we continue to need local anchoring and recognisability. Media show us more truth, more often and from further away, but that also strikes us as overwhelming. Every citizen has a platform and can be heard in the new media, but every speech can now also lead to worldwide followers, to presidents and to insanity that is heard everywhere ...   

The time in which we live seems complex, confusing and problems take on enormous proportions. 

Many are concerned. Insecurity and the feeling of being a toy weighs down on them. People don't feel safe with so many threats: climate, migration, plastic pollution, massive loss of biodiversity, social inequality, pandemics, feebleminded leaders, ... One problem has just started, and the other is already emerging. The solution doesn't seem to be anything other than global, but there is no mayor in the village called the world ... 

There is much anxiety and a feeling that people no longer have a grip on what is going on and what needs            to be done. 

We withdraw. We lock us up. In ourselves. We attempt to hide and defy the fear that we find there through egotism, pure self-realization, heroism, greed, hunger, 'likes-hunt', control, polarisation in I am good and the other one is bad, too much talk without action, the urge to buy: I "have" so I "am"? Without satisfaction and inner peace, though ...

Many retreat into themselves, compensate for fear with superficiality, but we all seek inner peace, contentment. 

We feel and hear society abrade as a sign that we live in a pivotal time. Between the certainties of the past that happened long ago, and a new stability that has yet to take shape. Many people wait, afraid, impactless. Why? The hinge needs oil to smooth the transition and provide speed. We need a strongly connecting story. A positive framework in which everyone can put their puzzle piece. Working on the small with a positive impact on the big. Or how this time can also be simple and clear. Global existence, but with local recognition and anchoring. 
We need a connecting and positive framework where everyone can find a simple and clear place. 

And if the big stories cannot support that, if leaders don't take on that connecting and facilitating role? If the old ways stay in use, but they don't solve today's needs? 

Then as AUTHENTICAL we don't wait, then we do it ourselves!

Daring dreams are energising if you can work on it every day and step-by-step you see results. Passion and talent make the impossible possible, if you can invest time, if it can fill your day. The desire to achieve and leave a lasting positive impact then becomes 'part of the job': it happens from living your life, every day. You find happiness and peace in what you do, in who you are. Why wait until the next crisis that follows one happening now?

Our time is not the end. We don't wait and see. We experience this time: we create a network, a platform, a positive and inspiring framework and we offer concrete help to those who, from themselves, for authentic reasons, choose the passion and talent that offers a 'puzzle piece' for the solution to the needs of our time. For those who give direction, oiling, and so chip in for a society that is better today than it was yesterday, and tomorrow it will be even more beautiful than today. 

We are here for you, the authentic, passionate, talented and enterprising doer! And this way you can be visible and tangible to others! 




I am:   Inspirator, motivator, adviser, dreamer and result-orientated depth-scanner.

I do:   Finance, legal, management, organisation, networking, technical advice, writing.

CV:   Also: bio-engineer for land and forest management and plant protection, qualified teacher, founder and coordinator of the environmental association Bosgroep Zuidwest Brabant vzw (10y), operational manager of the Flemish Brabant fire brigade school (3y), and project manager for the development of the import control service at the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (2y). Today full-time independent expert and study coach (BirG support), volunteer firefighter & ambulance driver, and bitten by Authentical.


I am:   Coach, adviser, analyticus, motivator, result-orientated mainstay.

I do:   Planning and deadlines, connection, valuekeeping, organisation, human resources.

CV:   Also: security agent and supervisor at Securitas (10y), head of internal security (6y) - selection and orientation manager (2y) - and head of regional services at Colruyt (2y), branch manager at Securitas (5y). Today also part-time independent life and business coach (Ductus Coaching & Consulting) and talent coach (at Het Talentenhuis), voluntary firefighter & ambulance driver + confidant, and bitten by Authentical.


I am:   Motivator, change agent, perseverer, realist, result-orientated doer.

I do:   Technical support, website management, marketing, sales network, innovation, opportunities.

CV:   Also: graduated in business management & marketing, team leader Dutch market of PayPal in Ireland (3y), independent owner of a sustainable daycare (5y), co-founder of action group 'Every child is equal' with achievement that every daycare receives a basic subsidy for a more balanced playing field within the sector, following contemporary scientific and technological evolutions and innovations, and bitten by Authentical.


I am:   Positive changer, change helper, grower, asker, language nerd, learner with result focus. 

I do:   Valuekeeping, translation, organisation, communication, structure, development, trend follower.

CV:   Also: Master of Arts in English & Spanish, qualified teacher, many years of experience in English tutoring, coach & handbook writer at PayPal in Ireland (3y), software expert of an e-learning program (3y) and training services coordinator at Yara (2y) . At present employee at the Doctoral School for Biomedical Sciences KU Leuven. Engaged in the study of learning processes, society and sustainability, social challenges and self-development, motivation & perseverance, and bitten by Authentical.