mission - vision - values further explained

Our mission: what do we want?

AUTHENTICAL wants to generate a positive and sustainable, long-lasting impact on society. When we speak about society, we stress the fact that people live close to each other...

We want to see the people of this society grow, and transcend themselves. We want to enjoy the positive impact it has on the society: today is more beautiful than yesterday, and tomorrow will be better than today.

AUTHENTICAL wants to be the connector, binder, the motivator, the energiser and the facilitator of this transformation.

We want to maximalise the positive and sustainable impact. Money is an essential ingredient in this process, but not a goal in itself. The authentic passion and talent come before the cash!

Our vision: how do we do this?

AUTHENTICAL supports people with enthusiasm and talent that influence society positively in a sustainable, lasting manner. Each client puts a piece that completes the complex societal puzzle positively and sustainably.

We launch our clients as if it were our own personal projects. We can only do this for projects that we completely identify with ourselves.

We provide a strengthening connection between projects, (technical) support for ideas, (practical) proximity, a listening ear, customised coaching, communication, customer acquisition and sales, visibility and the spreading of the global vision - the puzzle completed by the pieces from our clients. We therefore look after the passion and talents of enterprising people so that they can make this their profession.

We are happy when our clients can invest maximum time in their passion and thus generate impact through making it their (main) profession.

Clients can pay for our services per assignment or in the form of a temporary share of their activity. This puts less pressure on starters without financial reserves.

In addition to a company, AUTHENTICAL is also working on a foundation, a fund, for collecting and managing resources for the benefit of our mission. Specific or general gifts, donations, crowdfundings, legacies and subsidies are possible here. 

Do you need more information about this?

Because positive impact is our first and most important ambition, we also donate 10% of our financial result to the support fund every year. We prefer more money to realise projects than to buy more luxury for ourselves!

Our values: from which firm belief do we act, what is our framework?


You can only be innovative, start from scratch, realise the impossible if you can draw from your deepest source of strength. Passion mobilizes unseen energy and strength that is needed for this.

What we do is also extraordinary. A new way of entrepreneurship. A company that harvests society. Our passion leads us to it and gives drive, power, energy!

          AUTHENTICITY ... means ...


Who has nothing to hide, goes full speed ahead.

We have nothing to hide, we support you fully with a clear agenda: your project as an authentic piece of puzzle in a global solution!


  • societal: focus on the positive impact in all its forms - we love it! 

  • financial: with sensibility to be able to continue to do this - we also want to be able to live from doing this, morning to evening

  • safely effective: what we do today, doesn't undermine future possibilities - we work purposefully, on time, but with respect, consideration and caution

true identity

Perfection doesn't exist, and it is not necessary: just take action, let your authentic self guide you.

We also readily admit our mistakes, but we are also aware of our expertise and being.


What you shine in, will maximalise your positive impact. Develop, transcend yourself and put your stamp on your 'circle of influence'.

We will help you carefully extend this 'circle'. We stand beside you. We launch and reinvent you. That commitment is our talent!


Do you also have a clear passion, something you shine in, are you a busy bee, do you start things but you don't succeed in creating something complete, something with strength, clarity and impact? Are you (still) not making enough progress? Or do you just want to be part of a network full of inspiration, energy, positivism and eagerness to act? Tell a story that the whole world can and must hear?

We offer a service tailored to your needs and requirements. In our backpack we have: a website, marketing of your product/service, communication, customer acquisition, networking, coaching & guidance, (launch) events up to and including operational business support.

As compensation for our efforts, we offer 2 options: we invoice according to the agreed rates, or we receive a pre-agreed share of the income from your project during a fixed period. We leave the choice to you!

Eager to know more? To become a customer? We are here for you!