mission - vision - values

AUTHENTICAL is born from the conclusion that we live in a fascinating but also very complex society that faces great challenges.

... our mission ...

To create a most positive and sustainable impact on today's and tomorrow's society.

... our vision ...

By supporting the passions and talents of people so that they can use these to earn their living; sometimes partly, but preferably completely. 

We only supervise projects that stem from authenticity and offer solutions to the needs of today's society.

... our values ...


Living from passion gives energy. This positive energy makes the impossible possible. Passion is constantly in motion. Hence the reason why we chose the passion flower (Latin: passiflora) for our logo.



Say what you do and do what you say.


° societal:

minimising the effects of what we do today on the society of tomorrow, and this on a social and ecological level.

° financial:

we strive for healthy and profitable projects to make sure people can make a living by harvesting their enthusiasm and talents.

° safely effective: 

what we do today, doesn't undermine future possibilities


Perfection doesn't exist, so be your true self


Bring hidden talents to light, give space to fully develop and have a positive impact, mean something.

AUTHENTICAL-projects promote the strengthening connection between people and topics.


Do you also have a clear passion, something you shine in, are you a busy bee, do you start things but you don't succeed in creating something complete, something with strength, clarity and impact? Are you (still) not making enough progress? Or do you just want to be part of a network full of inspiration, energy, positivism and eagerness to act? Tell a story that the whole world can and must hear?

We are here for you!