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You don't see the wood for the trees? Or are you at your wits' end with a particular subject? Perhaps it's not going so well in general at school or college?

Come to talk to us about it! There is a dynamic group of experienced and knowledgeable coaches ready to help you! You find all information under the category "Students"

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Tutoring and support is not only about giving; you also get a lot back. It shapes your personality and gives you fulfillment.

We provide full practical and theoretical framework for all our mentors. You receive an experienced coach, and in addition to the subject-related guidance we also ensure personal growth (both as a professional and as an individual). You find all information in the category "Mentors".


"In coaching, the aim is not to change a person, but rather to employ (conversation) skills based on an engaged, interested and questioning approach in interaction with others, who intend to prompt conscious, 'self-adapted' learning.

The goal of coaching is not that the coach presents the solutions. The main focus of the coach is on the learning process of the coachee, through which skills and talents are automatically revealed and can be put to use.

Asking questions is a powerful tool to stimulate the other person to think. The more to the point the questions are, the more effectively the coachee comes to insights and solutions. However, a coach also gives feedback, challenges, puts a mirror in front of the coachee, places matters in a different light...

Coaching is an effective individual learning instrument and as such also a valuable alternative for 'traditional' trainings or other ways of learning. Coaching has a stimulating effect and is sometimes the right extra personal support that a coachee needs to adopt a new behavior. "

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