Learning & Coaching

study counselling and coaching

We want to help adolescents and young adults find their place in the world: everybody is needed to turn this society into a positive and strong story, including you!

Those who are not feeling comfortable in their own skin often see this reflected in worse study results. The latter is therefore only a symptom and a reason for sitting together, listening, talking, and this way detecting, identifying and overcoming obstacles.

Believe in yourself again, create space for passion and talent, and take control of your life!

Through topic Learning & Coaching AUTHENTICAL wants to offer a supporting and connecting platform for projects that focus on guiding adolescents and young adults to optimise their learning process and in their becoming an adult. Our goal is to help them realise in the beginning of their life what their talents and strengths are, link their self-esteem and identity to these and then based on this self-knowledge help them become self-sufficient adults that are able to make conscious choices about their own life, about their relationships, as a member of society and with the future in mind.

AUTHENTICAL supports the following projects...

          - Guide to growth improve your learning process and grow as a person through getting/giving study counselling

          - LearningHelp!a free listening ear and specific tips for parents and young people!

... and we have room for more!