travel, discovery and experience

You don't need to travel far to find beauty, enjoyment and peace!

Make your vacation a time when you let go of what is clenching and take hold of what is clarifying. Stop for a second in the rush of every day, and put just a little more focus on what you do and who you are!

Experience and live: rest, sport, talk, learn, take a moment for yourself: organize your time of rest and holidays as you want within a wide and free range that offers the possibility to continue on the journey to yourself!

With the topic of Journeys, AUTHENTICAL wants to offer support and networking to projects that give travel and holidays a new dimension. Breaking free from everyday (hectic) life, and thereby discovering what really matters every day: life. Sustainable travel is an essential part of these projects, whereby sustainable relocation, real contacts and sustainable experience (activities, culinary aspects, ...) are evident ingredients within the initiatives offered. 

AUTHENTICAL supports the following project...

          - holiday in your own country  "À la carte"compose your own holiday!

... and we have room for more!