Self-picking gardens Herne en Oetingen

End of 2018 there was a forgotten piece of land for sale in Herne. Too small for a modern agricultural vehicle to move about. A drop in a vast agricultural landscape. With an majestic old summer oak guarding its corner. 

Farmer Mike (Mahecor) and farmer Bert have been cherishing a dream to translate their fondness for vegetable-growing into a bigger project. Produce food locally, in contact with customers. No chemicals. Pure flavours. Perfectly healthy. Forgotten and new vegetables and fruit. Herbs and flowers, too. Everything that nature can offer in terms of beauty and treats. Adapted also to a rapidly changing climate. And with respect for the soil, following the example of how a forest does this.

Half-a-year later, in 2019, the land was purchased, planned out, prepared for planting. The standard rootstock fruittrees and small fruit were planted last winter, with financial support from generous donors and helping volunteers. Now, in 2020, the Herne self-picking garden will effectively start growing dozens of types and varieties of fruit and vegetables.

In the meantime, another perspective emerged: a paradise spot in Oetingen, along the old tram bed. This year, in 2020, the ground is being treated with a carpet of soil-improving flowers, and next year, 2021, the Oetingen self-picking garden will start with delicious food: top fruit, pome fruit, berries, vegetables, herbs and flowers! 

Each self-picking garden has its idyllic corner, where people can enjoy the paradise-like surroundings, unwind and get in touch with each other. You can harvest what you want to eat yourself, and you pay by weight or per piece. But you are just as welcome to rest for a few hours without a purchase!

Farmer Mike and farmer Bert can fill about 400 mouths with both picking gardens. If you want to be sure of a place as a customer and always want to be the first to know about the tasty ready-to-eat seasonal vegetables and fruit, you can subscribe to the fundraising via crowdfunding. With this, the farmer duo finances the planning and start-up of the picking gardens.

In addition to producing delicious and healthy food, the self-picking gardens also want to tell a story. Check our calendar for activities, workshops, learning sessions and links to other projects!