fresh, local and fair food

Local farmers and "food processers", with love for the soil, the collaboration between production and nature, and with focus on a positive impact on people and surroundings. And if possible, downright climate positive!

Producers who with their products literally bring people together around tasty, healthy, local and fresh food.

Producers who get respect for their passion and talent and a fair and livable wage to continue to invest in a sustainable and positive future for food!

In the topic fresh, AUTHENTICAL wants to offer a supporting and connecting food-related platform to local producers and service providers. Authentical wants to expose their efforts and passion along with their expertise, tell their story and help it continue. Locally respond to the need for fresh and healthy food, in dialogue with the consumer and with an awareness for the connection that food makes between people and in relation to the nature that produces it.

AUTHENTICAL supports the following projects...

          - 't Groente Hart, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and organic vegetable-growing company of farmer                                                            Wim Desaedeleer in Lembeek (HALLE)

          - Self-picking gardens Herne en Oetingenself-picking gardens with local self-harvesting of fruit and                                                                                                                      vegetables, from farmer Mike and farmer Bert  

          - Roberto Matilla, home cook with a Spanish touch, utmost fresh and local!

          - Domaine du Krayenbergowned by winegrower-starter Laurent Demarque in Beersel

          - My Own Paradise Start your own vegetable garden with professional help!

... and there is room for more !