Open Air

OPEN AIR organises childcare during school holidays for primary school pupils.

We fully opt for outdoor activities, because we are aware that this literally and figuratively offers "space" for children to live, experience, discover, and thus learn and grow

We organise the activities in the Pajottenland region (south-west from Brussels) and welcome children with basic knowledge of Dutch, French and/or English.

Through our activities we connect with other Authentical projects, which are professionally active outside:

-Herne en Oetingen Self-picking gardensnature-oriented production and experience gardens with fruit and vegetables

- 't Groente Hart (Lembeek-HALLE)organic greengrocer Wim Desaedeleer

- Lapino (Herne)a start-up of a young entrepreneur (12 years) on animal-friendly management of pets

We not only go on a journey of discovery, but also participate, on a child's scale, and always ensure a concrete and useful result that your child can take home. 

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