Self-expression in connecting projects

Art is telling about the indescribable, showing the invisible, singing about the inaudible and expressing the sensible in colours, forms and sounds.

Art exposes the undercurrent and the naked truth that doesn't want or may not be revealed, but it must be.

Art touches the essence of society.

With the topic Art AUTHENTICAL wants to offer space for all possible creative and artistic projects that can connect people around needs and reflections in our society. Artistry has no age, nor a diploma or specific background. During the events organized by Authentical, Authentical always gives space to expression through images and sounds, music and stories. 

AUTHENTICAL supports the following project...

                - Tim Hammond: UK illustrator and logo designer

... and we have room for more!

Nature in all its simplicity

Music sings and speaks at the same time. It tells a story without words. Sharing emotions connects us. In its pure form: there is no piano tuner during Corona-time, no expensive recording tools. "Unplugged": no polishing or correction, purely authentic.